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Donate Your Smart Phone through Future People

(photo: some of the kids at the school in Kibera)

When my sister called me and said, "I just met your future wife," I didn't think we'd end up crammed 5th and 6th on a 4 seater bench heading to the refugee camps in Kenya. You've heard of it: building schools, visiting orphanages, giving supplies. The whole nine yards. And it's wonderful, but like one of the leaders said about her trip to Peru, "When we came they were peeing in buckets, and when we left they were still peeing in buckets."

Don't get me wrong, these trips are incredible. Experiencing other cultures and serving in other countries can help you gain a well-rounded perspective on life, but I'm a realist, and had to ask, "How much good are we really doing?"

Fast forward to Kibera, Kenya, known as one of the world's largest slums. Unimaginable conditions: broken families in homes the size of a kitchen, sewers above ground, trash burning in the dirt roads, and orphans walking the streets. Our guide asked us if we knew what a flying toilet was. "Use a bag for a toilet, tie it, and throw it as far as you can," he said with a hearty laugh. That can’t end pretty.

While in the city we visited a two room school where 40 kids came to learn. With few teachers, little resources, and kids 4 to 14, you can imagine the problems they faced. As I stood in the doorway, and watched a Kenyan use her smart phone, I thought of how devices could help the kids in their education, and talked with the headmaster, Charles about it.

When I returned to the States, Charles and I kept in contact, and we decided to embrace the project as a company. Now, for our 2019 humanitarian effort, we are collecting phones, tablets, kindles, nooks, and laptops to load with books and send to Kibera and other schools who need them. We believe reading and Internet access are huge tools that can lift people out of poverty!

If you're interested in donating, please send device(s) to the address below. Please clear the device of all content, and include a charger if you have it. If you have any questions you can email us at Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Future People Address: 416 N Ola Vista, San Clemente, CA 92672



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