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Our Story


During my teaching career, I noticed that mostly parents of straight-A students showed up to parent-teacher conferences. Realizing that parent involvement is the most important factor that influences a child's success in life, I did some research and discovered that millions of children fail to meet their developmental potential due to insufficient parent-child interaction.


As a dad, I was enlightened by my second child. It was easy to praise my first child for his noteworthy success with traditional learning. My second child looked at the world differently.

I realized I needed to capture individual teaching moments, encouraging each child to internalize the value of his learning style without stifling the other child.


These experiences drove us to create Future People with its three-fold mission:

1) Create a culture where knowledge is cool and learning is life.

2) Educate parents about foundational experiences that have a long-lasting impact on their child's future.

3) Help feed and educate refugee children. 

Thank you for joining us in raising a generation of Future People!